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At Vital Soil, we believe high performance, sustainability and cost savings go hand in hand. Our organic composted poultry manure with custom blend options is formulated to your individual agriculture needs. We offer custom blends to suit your soil type, including lime or gypsum boosts, mixed to your specifications.

With custom blended products available you can apply all your soils requirements in a single spreading application.


Manufactured in accordance with AS4454 - Composts, Soil Conditioners & Mulches

Why choose Vital Soil and what are the benefits?

  • Contains slow release organic nitrogen, so crops receive slow released nutrients throughout the growing cycle
  • Contains valuable humic fractions and humus improving soil carbon levels
  • Improves soil health and fights disease meaning reduced weeds and improved crop health
  • Improves soil structure facilitating crop growth and reducing fuel and labour costs
  • Increases water holding capacity and decreases soil erosion, reducing irrigating requirements
  • A reduced odour product
  • Increases Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), increasing nutrients held in the soil
  • Manufactured to Australian Standards 4454 - composts, soil conditioners and mulches
  • A HACCP (food safety) Certified product
  • Suitable for use in organic farming systems

A Vital Soil product will build upon each application meaning if it is not used by the plant in that growing cycle it will stay in your soil and not be lost to the atmosphere or leached away.

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